Alchemic Web of Deceit

from by Equipoise

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Yo, this is Stevie, vocalist and lyricist for Equipoise. Let me start by saying thank you for checking this out. We've worked very hard to push ourselves both as individuals and as a collective to produce Birthing Homunculi, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about the lyrical content on this album. As some of you may have figured out, Birthing Homunculi is a retelling of the series: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I discovered the FMA franchise nearly ten years ago and found the story, characters, and imagery incredibly inspiring, and have even gone as far as to have the Ouroboros (seal of the Homunculous in FMA) tattooed on my chest.

I've also always been a fan of concept and thematic albums, so when Nick approached me about joining Equipoise I pitched the idea of doing a retelling of the series over the course of the EP and an Album so we could combine two of my absolute favorite things; Anime and Tech Death. It wasn't long until he himself was hooked on the series and gave the the thumbs up to start writing. Birthing Homunculi is the backstory of the antagonist of the series known as "Father", and his quest for ultimate knowledge.

For more information, read the lyrics along with the music and check out the synopsis I've provided along with each track.

If you like what you've heard or read, I highly encourage you to check out the series for yourself to get the full effect!
Thanks again, and without further ado, I present you with Birthing Homunculi, and the first synopsis of our EP for "Alchemic Web of Deceit".

Alchemic Web of Deceit- A synopsis by Stevie Boiser:

Seeking eternal life, the King of Xerxes turns to the most knowledgeable being alive: The Dwarf in the flask, Homunculous. This where it all begins.

The Dwarf in the flask tells the king that there is one simple means to his end, "Forsaking morality", by which he means sacrificing the lives of his subjects in order to obtain eternal life. The King agrees and has a massive transmutation circle dug into the sands of his kingdom, only to find that he has been deceived.

The Dwarf in the flask was waiting for such an opportunity to utilize it for his own gain. As a result, the millions of lives that were sacrificed were instead absorbed by him and one other, Von Hohenheim. With his new form and the fathomless power granted the souls of those who were sacrificed. He is at long last free of his flask...

A living philosopher's stone.

-End synopsis-


(Stevie Boiser)

Oh foolish King of Xerxes, you seek immortality?
The means to your end? Forsaking morality.
The price? The lives of those that you rule.
A worthy sacrifice to pay the toll.

You've taken the bait, a lust for power has sealed your fate.

Scribed throughout the sands, of these tainted lands.
Alchemic sigils, weave my twisted web of deceit.
You've been ensnared, your life now fodder for my flame.
Hands reach forth from beyond the gate, to collect my offering.

(Guitar solo by Sanjay Kumar)

The all seeing eye, it beckons me, into a realm mere mortals dare not see.
I'm called into the void, once more I've seen the truth.
The apex of all space and time.

Finally at long last, I shall abandon this flask.

The land falls silent, as millions are sacrificed.
Granting me fathomless power and eternal life.
The limits of my abilities are unknown.
A living philosopher's stone.

The limits of my abilities are unknown.
A living philosopher's stone.


from Birthing Homunculi, released August 5, 2016
Stevie Boiser- Lyrics, Vocals
Nick Padovani- Song composition, Rhythm guitars, Drum programming, Keyboard arrangements
Zach Hohn- Rhythm guitars
Hugo Karout- Fretless bass
Jimmy Pitts- Keyboard arrangements, Keyboards/synths
Sanjay Kumar- Guest Solo



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